QC12Y High Quality Hydraulic Pendulum Sheet Metal Shearing Machine

QC12Y High Quality Hydraulic Pendulum Sheet Metal Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Pendulum Shearing Machine Main Parts

●MD11-1 numerical control system is an economical and simple numerical control system. It can not only meet the numerical control function of machine tools, but also meet the requirements of precision control. In terms of structure, it adopts the mode of directly controlling the motor. Replacement of accessories at any time;
●The upper and bottom blades can be cut with two cutting edges, and are made of high-quality materials to improve the wear resistance and service life of the blades;
●The guardrail is used to enclose the blade inside the shearing machine;
●The blade adjustment screw is used to adjust the blade, and the replacement blade is easy to disassemble;
●The backgauge is controlled by MD11-1 simple numerical control device, which is mainly used to support and fix the metal materials that need to be cut, and play a stable role.

●The pressing cylinder is mainly used to press the sheet metal to facilitate the cutting of the sheet metal. The hydraulic pressing mechanism is adopted. After the oil is fed by several pressing oil cylinders installed on the support plate in front of the frame, the pressing head presses down after overcoming the tension of the tension spring to press the sheet;
●The hydraulic cylinder provides the source power for the shearing machine to cut metal, and the hydraulic shearing machine is powered by a hydraulic cylinder and a motor. The motor drives the hydraulic cylinder, which applies hydraulic oil pressure to the piston to power the piston of the upper blade;
●The workbench is used to place the metal sheet that needs to be cut. There is an auxiliary knife seat on the working surface, which is convenient for micro-adjustment of the blade.
●Roller table ,there is also a feeding roller on the working surface, which is easy to operate.
●The electrical box of the shearing machine is located on the left side of the machine tool, and all operating components of the machine are concentrated in front of the machine tool except for the foot switch on the button station on the surface, the function of each operating procedure element is marked by the graphic symbol above it.


●Through the rotation of the main motor, the oil is pumped into the oil cylinder through the oil pump. There is a manual oil pump inside the wall panel, which is easy to operate and ensures the lubrication of key parts;
●The foot switch is used to control the start, stop and operation of the shearing machine, which is convenient and practical, and also provides a certain guarantee for the safe operation of the shearing machine;
●The return nitrogen cylinder is used to hold nitrogen. The operation of the shearing machine requires nitrogen to support the return of the knife holder. Nitrogen can be recycled in the machine. The gas has been added during installation, and no additional purchase is required;
●The solenoid pressure valve is used to control the flow and pressure of hydraulic oil to protect the hydraulic system, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Wearing parts

The wearing parts of the shearing machine mainly include blades and seals, with an average service life of two years.


Shearing machine application industry

As small as the shearing and bending of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal sheets, automobiles and ships, electrical appliances, decoration, kitchen utensils, chassis cabinets, and elevator doors, as large as the aerospace field, CNC shearing machines and bending machines are also playing a increasingly important role.

●Aerospace industry
Generally, high precision is required, and high-precision CNC shearing machine can be selected, which is accurate and efficient;
●Automobile and ship industry
Generally, a large CNC hydraulic shearing machine is used to mainly complete the shearing work of the plate, and then perform secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.;
●Electrical and Power Industry
The shearing machine can cut the plate into different sizes, and then reprocess it through the bending machine, such as computer cases, electrical cabinets, refrigerator air-conditioning shells, etc.;
●Decoration industry
The high-speed shearing machine is widely used. It is generally used with the bending machine equipment to complete metal shearing, the production of doors and windows, and the decoration of some special places.

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