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Laser cutting machine market _LXSHOW laser and cutting

It is reported that in recent years, laser and cutting equipment have gradually replaced traditional machine tools. With the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry and the upgrading of traditional industrial manufacturing technology, the sales of complete sets of laser cutting equipment have been driven, and the fiber laser cutting machine market is also expanding. Laser cutting equipment is gradually replacing traditional machine tools, and has been applied in a wider range of fields.

With the continuous expansion of the fiber laser cutting machine market, various types of laser and cutting machines emerge in endlessly, such as laser plate cutting machine and laser tube cutting machine, which are common in the laser cutting machine market.

In the past few decades, the laser cutting machine market has also been making continuous progress. The laser and cutting industry has experienced the improvement of cutting material quality, thickness, power and efficiency at different stages, which has brought higher cutting speed and quality level to today’s laser cutting machines, the ability to cut thin and thick metals, and the user’s demand for processing steel and aluminum at the same time on the same equipment.

With the continuous upgrading of the laser cutting machine market.Laser and cutting machine can cut all kinds of materials from steel to plastic with absolute accuracy.

The reason why the laser cutting machine market is expanding is that the laser and cutting machine is an important manufacturing tool for manufacturing complex geometric parts in machine tools, automobiles, consumer electronics and other manufacturing industries.

With the rapid development of science and technology and the arrival of advanced equipment, the laser cutting machine market continues to expand, and the laser and cutting machine has also been applied to the field of medical care.

Next, we will introduce a large-size fiber laser and cutting machine lx12025l from Jina Lingxiu Laser equipment Co., Ltd


First, the green and white contrast design is adopted from the appearance to create a simple visual appeal

Secondly, the power range of this fiber laser and cutting machine is 1000w-20000w, which meets the selection of different power fiber laser and cutting machines by different customer groups.

Thirdly, different from the common laser and cutting machines in the laser cutting machine market, the lx12025l fiber laser and cutting machine adopts a segmented heavy-duty plate welding bed, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. It can easily realize container transportation and completely solve the problem of difficult delivery of large-scale foreign trade. And the main body of the bed is completely independent of the cutting platform, which perfectly solves the heating deformation problem of the bed cutting machine. In addition, Lingxiu laser supports mass customization, up to 3.5m*30m. At the same time, it supports the extension and extension of later customer formats. For example, the purchase of lx12025l in the early stage can increase part of the cost in the later stage. The production format is 16025/20025, etc.The cutting plane adopts the modular design of blade components and multi-point support of thick plate, which has higher bearing performance and reduces the later maintenance and replacement cost. Lx12025l adopts light curtain protection to prevent the gantry from colliding with workers.


Forthly,The middle of the lx12025l platform is supported by thick plates. After loading, the plate load acts directly on the whole bed. The total load of the whole machine is twice that of the corresponding machines in the same industry. At the same time, the plate support has the advantages of small heating area and large cooling area, which can better avoid the heating deformation of the platform.

Finally,If you are planning to purchase fiber laser and cutting machine, please contact us.

Post time: Jun-20-2022