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LX6025LD Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine After-sales in Mongolia

The after-sales trip to Mongolia represents that LXSHOW services are reaching every corner of the world.As LXSHOW s customers have been around the globe,our after-sales specialist Andy recently embarked on a journey to Mongolia to provide specialized after-sales support to a customer who invested in a 12000W LX6025LD aluminum laser cutting machine and a laser cleaning machine. After-sales services from LXSHOW continue to represent our commitment to not just selling machines but also establishing long-term relationships with customers worldwide.

Andy and Mongolia customer

LX6025LD Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine After-sales Journey to Mongolia:

The goal of each after-sales mission is to help customers to maximize the efficiency of their machines.Upon arriving in Mongolia,Andy was greeted by warm hospitality from this Mongolian customer.As always,this after-sales mission covers installation,debugging and training,ensuring that customers can make the most out of this aluminum laser cutting machine.To finish the cutting and cleaning jobs simultaneously, this customer bought a 12000W LX6025LD aluminum laser cutting machine and a laser cleaning machine.

For LXSHOW as one of the leading laser cutting suppliers in China,language and geographical boundaries are no longer problems.Our after-sales team have been to many countries to offer door-to-door services to customers.

This journey to Mongolia reflects that LXSHOW s pursuit of top-notch after-sales services is beyond geographical boundary.The interaction with customers not only helps them to maximize the working efficiency of the machine,but also establishes a solid customer base.

As always,the feedback from the Mogolian customer was positive,with this customer expressing satisfaction with this personalized service.This after-sales experience was also great for Andy as he left Mongolia with gratitude from this customer.Andy and Mogolia customer2

About LX6025LD Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine:

1.Integration of higher power and large-format working area:

The requirements for higher cutting efficiency has made the demands for a higher power and large format industrial laser cutting machines more pronounced than ever.LXSHOW has designed and manufactured LD series with a large-format working area and higher power.This series of fiber laser cutting machines can unleash unparalleled potential to meet the needs of customers from various sectors.A high laser power often results in a faster cutting speed.This is crucial for industrial applications where efficiency is crucial.LX6025LD boasts a 1KW~15KW laser power and a 6100X2550mm working area,enabling a fast and efficient cutting process.

2.Unmatched Precision:

The level of precision of this aluminum laser cutting machine is also unmatched,leaving highly accurate and quality cutting results.Whether it is designed for cutting thicker or thinner metals,this precision laser cutting machine can deliver high-quality cutting results.A higher power industrial laser cutting machine can also deliver a stable cutting process.LX6025LD has such features as a stable working bed,advanced transmission system and autofocus to ensure accurate,consistent cutting.

3.Cooling system:

A highly efficient cooling system is especially crucial to a high power laser cutting machine.A high power laser cutting process can generate a large amount of heat and an efficient cooling system can help protect the machine from overheating.

4.Control system:

Bochu control system features a user-friendly interface which supports various formats for designs and languages for customers from many countries.

5.Technical support:

LXSHOW is available with professional technical support for customers who need training, maintenence and debugging.Training before using a machine can help customers to work with the machine safely and efficiently.Warranty is necessary when purchasing a laser cutting machine which is such a big investment.


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Post time: Dec-09-2023