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A Journey into the Laser Cut Machines Innovation and BUMATECH Exhibition

On November 30,LXSHOW personnel went to visit the BUMATECH 2023 in Turkey.We didnt bring any laser cut machines, laser welding or cleaning machines to participate in this exhibition,but this journey has been totally worth it as we conducted in-depth communication with the Turkish customers.

Bursa Machine Technologies Fairs are held to bring together the participators from such sectors as metal processing,sheet metal processing and automation,at which a variety of technologies will be exhibited,from advanced robotic and printing technology to laser cut machines and other CNC machines.By attending the BUMATECH 2023 without showcasing any machines at the fair,we have taken this as a chance to carry out deeper,face-to-face exchanges with customers.The fair lasted four days,during which our personnel has visited local customers and conducted deeper exchanges with them at the fair.

LXSHOWs Participation in the Exhibitions:

visiting Turkish customers1

First,the exhibitions serve as an effective platform for LXSHOW to stand out in the global laser market.LXSHOW as one of the leading laser cutting suppliers in China has been increasing its presence in the global laser market by participating in various exhibitions and showcasing its laser technology to international customers.LXSHOW has taken participation in various trade shows as an effort for the improved company reputation.Exbihitions provide an opportunity to connect with both potential and current customers.This time,LXSHOW went to Turkey not just for attending the exhibition.The sellers also visited their customers in Turkey to discuss with them the details about the machine performance.

Second,the exhibitions showcase the most advanced machining and processing technology in the world by bringing various industries and sectors together.It is also crucial to keep abreast of market trends of laser technology and evolved market needs of customers.They offer a great platform for LXSHOW to showcase its advanced laser cut machines,as well as laser welding and cleaning machines.This is an effective method for better customer engagement and direct interactions which enables us to understand the needs and expectations of customers.During the customer visit in Turky, customers told our personnel that the LXSHOW laser cut machines are working well for them. Several satisfactory results like this have been motivating us to constantly offer the most efficient laser machines to customers.  

Third,LXSHOW has taken participation in the exhibitions as a chance to visit local customers to exhibit our services.Both salespersons and technical support personnel went to Turkey to offer after-sales services for local customers.visiting Turkish customers2

A Glimpse of LXSHOW Laser Cut Machines Innovation:

1.Advance in Laser Cut Machines Innovation:

As the machining market has accelerated the transition from the conventional machining technology to laser fabrication,laser cut machines have been transforming the metal machining market with their innovative standards.LXSHOW started its business in 2004 as a laser manufacturer and has been constantly breaking the boundaries for the evolving customer needs.

2.Advance in Automation:

From cutting speed to accuracy,LXSHOW laser cut machines have been equipped with the most advanced laser cutting system which contributes to increased efficiency and precision.A higher level of automation not only brings greater effciency but also optimizes the laser cutting process for a better cutting quality.The automated features that LXSHOW has developed for its laser cut machines range from semi/fully automatic loading and unloading for laser pipe cutting and autofocus to automatic pallet changing and intelligent control system.


In the evolving laser market,laser suppliers and manufacturers are vying to increase their brand repution and global presence in the global market.Exhibitions offer an important platform for them to showcase their cutting-edge laser technologies for prospective customers worldwide and create a better company image for current customers.As laser cut machines as well as laser cleaning and welding technology continue to play a crucial role in the metal fabrication, exchanges and interactions with customers at exhibitions have been motivating us to offer more innovative laser technology to customers.

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Post time: Dec-08-2023