LXTU62 CNC Aluminum Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine Cost Price





Model LX62TU Fiber laser cutting machine
Working Area 20-220mm diameter, 6m length tube processing
Laser Power 3000W
Laser Generator MAX
Laser Wave Length 1064nm
Maximum Idle Running Speed 80r/min
Maximum acceleration 0.8G
Position Accuracy ±0.02mm/m
Repeat Positional Accuracy ±0.01mm/m
Cutting Thickness ≤18mm Carbon steel; ≤10mm Stainless steel
Control System Bochu FSCUT 5000B
Position Type red dot
Power Consumption ≤21 KW
Working Voltage 380V /50Hz
Auxiliary Gas oxygen,nitrogen,air
Working life of fiber module More than 100,000 hours
Fiber laser cutting head Raytools BM110
Cooling System S&A/Tongfei/Hanli industrial water chiller
Work Environment 0-45°C, Moisture 45-85%
Delivery time 20-25 work days (According to actual season)


Main Parts

Heavy duty machine frame

To optimize the design of the sectional welding lathe bed Lathe bed in the middle of reinforcing bar

Improves the lathe bed stability

Prevent deformation of lathe bed


Pneumatic chuck

Holds pipes of various shape.

Compared with ordinary chucks, the work efficiency is increased by 20%-30%, there are no consumables.

Can hold both square and round tube diameter within 220mm.


Follow-up bracket

The support can be moved up and down with the rotation of the pipe to ensure that the support supports the pipe and prevent the pipe from swinging up and down to cause cutting deviation


Italy WKTe/PEK rails

The rolling guide wear is very small,can maintain accuracy for a long time.

The friction is very small,the power loss is small;the heat generated during operation is extremely small,and it can run at high speed.

LXTU62 CNC Aluminum Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine Cost Price


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